HOHO Bus Advertising

Advertising on Delhi HOHO buses

A BIG way to get your message out to a far-reaching audience regularly and HOHO bus advertisingpersistently through bus wrap advertising. With Delhi HOHO buses running across the city twelve hours a day, advertising with us is unquestionably a profitable exercise. Advertising is available on a total of 10 Delhi HOHO Buses.
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Benefits of Advertising with HOHO Bus:

1.Mobile Media

Transit-Media messages grab tremendous attention and are double as effective as stationary billboards. Hence, positively enhancing your brand value.

2. Long Lasting Effect in Market

With HOHO Bus Transit media, you can choose and specify your campaign length ranging from as low as 14 days to 90 days. So you can run a multi-dimensional campaign that fits with your purchase cycle.

3. Path to Purchase

HOHO Bus covers areas ranging from
-industrial to non-industrial areas,
-large and small shopping venues,
-upmarket colonies and crowded areas,
hence, targeting vehicular and pedestrian traffic of all kinds, meeting your need of delivering broad on the street campaign visibility. This gives you an opportunity to reach the masses and classes.

4. Audience engagement

Astonishing 71% of people prefer buses with advertising than those without, which in our ad-avoiding world is quite significant. That’s especially stands true for Delhi In short, People like bus advertising!

5. Amplification and reach

Transit media complements activity through other media channels and significantly increases campaign reach and frequency in a very cost-effective way.


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