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Best Time to visit Delhi


Without a doubt it would be between October and March. 

  • [clickandtweet handle=”@hohobusdelhi” hashtag=”#delhi” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Pleasant weather, especially October, November, February, March. Dec & Jan are relatively cold[/clickandtweet]
  • Exploring Delhi is less tiring as its not hot anymore
  • [clickandtweet handle=”@hohobusdelhi” hashtag=”#delhi” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Feb is also a season of Flowers in Delhi, Mughal Garden – a must visit in February-March[/clickandtweet]
  • [clickandtweet handle=”@hohobusdelhi” hashtag=”#delhi” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Best time to explore nearby places like Agra for Taj Mahal, Jaipur is Oct-Mar[/clickandtweet]

For Domestic Tourists : May – June is the time when kids have summer vacations, Families prefer to go to cooler places like Shimla, Nainital to spend summer vacations. Quite naturally,  they prefer to visit Delhi during this time.

Weather Trend:

Summers: Mid May to July

Monsoon: August to September.

Winter: November to February.


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