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Climate of Delhi

Delhi  is located in the northern part of India and has intense climate situation with very hot summers and cold in winters.

Weather Trend:

Summers: Mid May to July

Monsoon: August to September.

Winter: November to February.


The first rain drops after a long hot Delhi summers is a mood changer all together. Bringing smiles all the way! Monsoon normally arrives in June end, however it can get delayed and arrive by mid July. The temperature falls several notches and can hover around 25-37 degree Celsius. Monsoons can be quite an interesting time to visit Delhi if you are looking at it with the right perspective and expectations. To make your Delhi trip gratifying, read 6 Smart ways to turn your Delhi tour really awesome.

8 Solid Tips for an Amazing Delhi Tour


The Heat is really on! Delhi is rather ill-famous for its brutal heat waves. Summers reach its peak starting Mid-May and lasts till June. There are showers in between to bring some relief though. Its recommended to stay indoors between 12 noon – 5 pm as the temperature soars to 47 degree Celsius and can even touch 49.1 degree celsius !  If you are looking to travel in Delhi during this period, do check out our ultimate 5 tips to survive the summers. heat wave

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Delhi winters can make you dance.  Without a doubt its the best time to visit Delhi. are no doubt the best time to visit. Winter season normally opens from November and continue till February. Winters gradually catches the chill effect  from December end. Fogs are normal in the morning and even till late afternoon. Normally temperature hovers between 5 – 22 degree Celsius, however lately the winters are not that chilly in Delhi  .  winter

Delhi Tourism Travel Guide

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