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Delhi’s cultural life exhibits a unique blend of the traditional and cosmopolitan styles. The city is dotted with numerous museums, historic forts and monuments, libraries, auditoriums, botanical gardens, and places of worship. Complementing such traditional institutions are the ever-changing urban commercial and leisure centres, with their privately held contemporary art galleries, cinema multiplexes, bowling alleys and other sports venues, and restaurants serving a variety of Indian food and international cuisines.

Also reflecting Delhi’s cultural and stylistic diversity are its numerous fairs and festivals. These include an annual film festival as well as many sorts of trade and book fairs. The various religious groups in Delhi contribute to an ongoing succession of religious festivals and celebrations.



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There are numerous art galleries in Delhi.Did you know Delhi’s  artistic infrastructure was initially evolved by the efforts of the Delhi Shilpi Chakra It is an artist group which believes that art as an activity must not be separate from life.

Indian Govt. adopted a cultural policy post democratization of India,  establishing the Lalit Kala Academy and the the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi.


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Some of the prominent art galleries in Delhi  are:

  1. National Art Gallery of Modern Art

    [clickandtweet handle=”@hohobusdelhi” hashtag=”#delhi” related=”” layout=”” position=””]The National Gallery of Modern Art was once the residence of the Maharaja of the Jaipur, it was later converted into an art gallery in 1954.[/clickandtweet] It has more than fifteen thousands art works by  Indian and provincial artists like Amrita Shergil  , Noble prize winner Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy and many more. The gallery has a collection of more than 15,000 paintings, sculptures and graphics.


National Gallery of Modern Art
(Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India)
Jaipur House, India Gate
New Delhi – 110003
Email: ngma.delhi@gmail.com

Prof. Rajeev Lochan (Director)
Tel: 011 – 23386111
Tele Fax: 011 – 23384560

Administrative Officer
Tel: 011- 23384640 Ext. 230
Tele Fax: 011 – 23386208

Reception Desk
Tel: 011 – 23384640, 23382835, 23388874
Extn. 225

2. Lalit Kala Akademi  lalit-kala-academy

The Lalit Kala Akademi or National Academy of Art is India’s national academy of fine arts.

It is an autonomous organisation, established in New Delhi in 1954 by Government of India to promote and propagate understanding of Indian art, in and outside the country.

This spacious gallery is spread over three floors and had its first national exhibition of art in 1958.


Lalit kala Akademi

Rabindra Bhavan,
35, Ferozeshah Road,
New Delhi-
Telephone:+91 011 2300 9200
FAX:+91 011 2300 9292
Shri K. K. Mittal (IAS),
Administrator Lalit Kala Akademi
Dr. Sudhakar Sharma,
Secretary Lalit Kala Akademi
E-mail: lka@lalitkala.gov.in  lalitkala1954@yahoo.in  chairman@lalitkala.gov.in  secretary@lalitkala.gov.in



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The capital of India is famous for many things including Delhi handicrafts. The market of Handicrafts in Delhi or Delhi crafts is huge because every craft of the country reaches Delhi before going anywhere else.

Some of the famous handicraft places in Delhi :

  1. Baba Kharak Singh State Emporium
  2. Dilli Haat
  3. Manek Chowk
  4. Kamala



[su_box title=”Delhi Food”]

Delhi is epitome of gastronomical delight. From  Street food  at Chandni chowk to Fine dining at Bukhara.

Apparently, every area in Delhi has someplace famous to eat. Click eating out places in Delhi for more


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[su_box title=”People of Delhi”] delhi-people

You will find all varieties of people in Delhi, Delhi is a multi-cultured city, with diverse religions, languages. It attracts a large number of people from all across India .

People of Delhi are usually known as “Delhi-ites”.

Delhi is close to other states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and the influence of these states can also be found in the language and lifestyle of Delhi as well.

Delhi-ites are very modern and also open to embracing all the new customs and transforms but at the same time they are also extremely conscious of their culture.


[su_box title=”Religion of Delhi”]


Hinduism 79.80%
Islam 12.90%
Sikhism 5%
Jainism 1.10%
Others 1.20%
Others Include Christians (0.9%) and Baha’is (0.1%)



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HOHO Delhi Tour Guide:

Equip your self with useful information before you embark your journey to Delhi.

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[su_box title=”Other Great Resources for Culture of Delhi”]

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