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Rashtrapati Bhawan or the President House is  all ready to receive you with open arms.


On 25 July, the Hon’ble President of India, Pranab Mukherjee completes four years . To mark the occasion, he inaugurates the second phase of museum complex and flags off HOHO Bus. Read more about it here 
HOHO Bus Flag-Off by Hon'ble President Pranav Mukherjee

HOHO Bus Flag-Off by Hon’ble President Pranav Mukherjee (Image: @RashtrapatiBhvn)

With HOHO bus it will be super easy for travelers to visit the museums and other attractions.  Because, its a Hop On Hop Off you will have ample time to explore the attraction at your own pace.


If you are planning a  Delhi Tour  make sure it add this in your sightseeing itinerary


What’s in there? Why it’s so special?


Without further ado let’s  take a sneak peek inside museum and it’s attractions awaiting you.



Let’s Unravel the 10 Amazing Attractions of the Museum


1. President’s Buggy & Merc

president-museum-phase_124e1358-519b-11e6-8d8d-a42edc5c5383Image: HT

An old presidential buggy drawn by a life-size horse.
Near it, one can find a merc gifted to late prime minister Rajiv Gandhi by the King of Jordan.
Gandhi handed over the car to the Rashtrapati Bhavan toshakhana.



2. Interactive Digital Platform


See rare photographs of the President’s house and the freedom movement.
The pieces of history will be lying on a table. Twist them, turn them and visit the past.



3. Gifts counter

A floor full of exotic gifts that Presidents received from different parts of the world is a key attraction.



4. Live speech in 3D holographic projection

485213-rashtrapati-bhavan-mueseum-3d-installation-ptiImage: DNA


A special square-shaped box beams 3D holographic images to accompany, one after another, speeches of Indian Presidents. Stand anywhere and see them delivering their speeches, as if in real life.



5. Personal belongings


The museum showcases, in separate windows, personal belongings of all 13 Presidents, giving a glimpse of their choice of clothes, habits and lifestyle.



6. Meet the President

Never met the country’s first citizen? No worries. Go to a small cubicle placed in the museum and press a button. On the large screen, a photo will appear where the visitor and the President will be talking to each other.



7. Privalite projection


It appears to be a simple, see-through glass. But when the projector beams a live video, it becomes a TV telecasting daily news. Viewers can go behind the screen and continue to watch the show.




8. The Study of the President

A replica of the room where the President meets the visitors in his office.



9. Hand Shadow Show


If you want to know how a President is elected, all you need to do is watch this hand shadow show with a running commentary. It will tell you about the election process, the Parliament building, the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Indian villages and the Pillars of Ashoka through the movement of hands.



10. Gandhi Walk


Stand in a room and see Mahatma Gandhi talking to Lord Irwin on screen. And then, when he walks out of the Rashtrapati Bhavan — then Viceroy’s House — you can join him in virtual reality. Feel free to click pictures, wave hands and do a namaskar.

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Source: NDTV HT 

Compiled by : Surojit Ghosh

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