8 Solid Tips for an Amazing Delhi Monsoon Tour

8 Solid Tips for an Amazing Delhi Monsoon Tour

Admit it! You are planning a trip to Delhi in Monsoon and possibly this the only time you have.
You thinking: Is it really a good idea to go ? You have heard it’s the time when the monsoon hit north India and not sure what to expect.
Would it be flooded ? What would be the weather like? and host of other questions driving you bit uneasy to travel to Delhi.
The concerns are genuine. Well, you’re in luck because I’ve put together the most asked questions with my answers and tips. We hope this helps you to plan your tour better.

1. How heavy is the rain in Delhi during Monsoon?

heavy-rain delhi

I have been living in Delhi for 10 years now. I can tell you with certainty that it does not rain everyday for sure.
For the last two years or so the intensity of rain in Delhi has taken a back step or two. That’s a good news for you, as you won’t have to face heavy rains (not much).
There will be a few spells of non-stop rain though but then, that’s about it . No flooding.
Tip: Download the weather app – and stay abreast with the moods of Delhi weather.

Download Weather App

2. How is the traffic Like?

delhi traffic in monsoon

I do not want you to frighten you with images of waterlog and traffic jams. But that’s what happens here if you have the misfortune of venturing out on a heavy rainy day.
Do not worry though as this happens only at certain road sections only.
Tip: You can avoid yourself getting stuck in heavy traffic. Use Delhi metro . Also, if you really have to travel by road keep Traffic App handy.

Download Traffic Alert App

3. How humid it will be?

delhi weather

July month can be very humid. Humidity level hovers around 75-85%!
Tip: Before booking hotel room – make sure the Hotel is an Air Conditioned one. Keep Short Towels, Tissue Paper in the Bag all the time.

4. What’s the temperature like?

temperature in delhi in monsoon

The First Half of July month is hot, during the day time the temperature hovers around 38 – 40 degrees Celsius.
By evening it falls to 28-32 degrees. The second half of July is better as the temperature touches 35 degree Celsius during the day and 25 during evening
Tip:  Keep bottled water handy all the time. Never drink direct tap water to avoid stomach diseases like, diarrhea.

5. What should I  be wearing?


Honestly, it does not matter as long as you are carrying an umbrella. Just kidding!

Wear light, bright clothes that soak sweat as its going to be very humid during July.

Tip: If it’s not a  formal outing, wear crocks instead of shoes as they keep your feet dry in wet conditions. Keep Umbrella handy !

6. Nature looks fantastic!

Great time for Delhi Sightseeing. Great Time for photography

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What’s better than a cool air, lush green surroundings and a camera in hand!
It’s the best time to go for a Hop On Hop Off Delhi Sightseeing to unleash your photography skills.
Tip: Check HOHO Bus Timings for a hassle free sightseeing tour.

Click for Delhi Sightseeing Timings

7. Go for Golden Triangle Tour


If you have 2-3 days in hand, its a good time to combine your Delhi tour with Agra & Jaipur .
Golden Triangle includes tour of Delhi, the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra & royal forts of Jaipur.
You will not regret it as the temperature is going to be around 25-35 degree Celsius with 70-80% humidity. However, it’s bearable and can be managed.
Tip: Golden Triangle tour by a guided Volvo bus tour is a better option than car .

Click Golden Triangle Tour details

8. Cheap Hotel Room Rates!

cheap hotel room-in-delhi

Oh! How can I forget..as its not a travel season in Delhi. You get hotel rooms at much cheaper rates. That’s Cherry on Cake!
Tip: Central Delhi is the most preferred area for Hotel, you will find both budget and luxury category hotel rooms here.

Hope you have found the information helpful. For any comments and suggestions please use the comment box below or simply click the Feedback button for a quick response.

Author: Surojit Ghosh

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