Introduced way back in 2010, HOHO Bus Delhi is recognized as the best way of getting around in Delhi for tourists and locals who are looking forward to explore attractions and tourist places in Delhi.

Sightseeing tours are popular in cities all over the world that are rich in heritage and have other tourist attractions, making it easy for a visitor or a tourist to explore a city within a stipulated time.

While organized tours are expensive, rigid and need definite planning well in advance, “Hop-On Hop-Off” Bus services prove their worth in providing sightseeing options to tourists who are willing to explore a city in a more relaxed and flexible schedule.

What is Hop on Hop Off Concept?

  • It allows you to visit the best tourist places in Delhi without worrying about time.

  • Start your tour anytime, the earlier you start more the places you can see.

  • Bus service is available at a regular frequency of 40 minutes.

  • Once you board these buses you can get down at the tourist attractions you like to see.

  • The best part is that you can see places at your own pace.

  • To go to the next stop simply take the next bus.

  • It saves you from wasting time bargaining for prices with cab drivers, figuring out the directions to the site and without being fleeced by the touts.