Megan (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Convenient, Affordable, Timely

Reviewed 17 June 2015NEWmegan tripadvisor review

This was a great deal! I liked the convenience of not having to navigate and just getting on a bus and getting there. Plus, the price was right, since so many tours around over-charge.

I took a 1 day pass for the Green Line on a Wednesday, December 24, 2015. Looking down the schedule, I knew everything couldn’t be seen in one day, so I decided on the 3 stops I was most interested in: Lotus Temple, Qutab Minar, and Dili Haat. The green line bus comes to the designated stops 1 hour apart (surprise to me, it was actually on time!)– an hour was plenty of time to see Lotus Temple, a bit too short for the Qutab Minar, and I ended up spending 2 hours (or was it 3?) at Dili Haat. I felt that this was a pretty nice and easy way to tour around Delhi.

Visited December 2014