Is Delhi Sightseeing in One Day Possible?

Delhi sightseeing in one day

Delhi Sightseeing in One Day

Namaste! You are planning to visit Delhi and only have a day in hand. Wondering if  Delhi Sightseeing in one day is possible or not!

After all Delhi is no ordinary city. Mirza Ghalib a preeminent Indian Urdu and Persian poet once wrote:

I asked my soul: What is Delhi?

She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life!

Delhi, the capital of India is full of rich history and culture. Tourists around the world are constantly astonished by the incredible proximity of freshness and  Indian culture of Delhi.

Delhi has it all, India’s largest mosques Jama Masjid, imposing Red Forts, beautiful Humayun Tomb, Gandhi Smriti, grandiose Akshardham, picturesque  gardens of Mughal era, and not to forget variety of museums and art gallerys.

Delhi also boast of being hub to variety of lip-smacking local cuisines. Chandni-chowk in Old Delhi is reminiscent of  soul of Delhi-Food. One can find variety of local-cuisines which you will not find anywhere in the world!

Delhi is also very popular among tourists for shopping arti-facts, handi-crafts, garments.


  • Rashtrapi Bhawan
  • guide and staff


1 Day Tour

1 day tour

2 Days Tour


Monday Tour

Monday Special

Have only one day for Sightseeing?


Explore popular heritage, monuments, museums of your choice. List of Places
2. Visit Upto 8 *places

499 530



Want to see all?


Two days tour gives your enough time to explore popular monuments, museums. Plus, indulge in shopping & eating at popular places. List of Places
2. Visit Upto 20 *places .

599 640



Have only Monday for Sightseeing?

Visit places open on Monday with our **Conducted Tour, like Qutab Minar, Birla Temple. List of Places
2. Visit Upto 8 places .

423 530



* Start early & see more places.

**Monday Tour is not a hop on hop off tour. Its a single bus conducted tour with 33 seats capacity.


The BIG Question stands, staring at your face

” Is Delhi Sightseeing in one day  possible, at all? “

The answer is  No! Yes, you heard me right, it’s NOT possible to see all in one day!

Hey ! don’t get demoralized. Because, one day can be enough, if you are not planning to explore entire delhi in one day. In this post I will disclose the secret.

Honestly, one needs at least two days to explore the main tourist places of Delhi, and you should ideally keep two days in hand to explore Delhi. You can easily book a Two Day Sightseeing Tour with HOHO Bus covering more than 20+ tourist attractions that too at your own pace! I can not stress this enough, how important it is to have at minimum two days at your disposal for Delhi Sightseeing.

Delhi Sightseeing in One Day is Possible, too !

One day is enough though if you plan your itinerary as per your preferences and taste and be very selective.

In this post, you will learn how to plan your Delhi itinerary so that you can explore Delhi without missing out on places you always wanted to see. Below you will find Delhi Sightseeing Itinerary based on typical tourist preferences that we have observed over past five years or so.

1. Delhi Sightseeing Itinerary of a Typical Domestic Tourist: 

A “Typical” domestic tourist i,e a big majority of the tourist visiting Delhi prefer not to miss the popular tourists places :

  1. Red Fort
  2. Qutab Minar
  3. Lotus Temple
  4. India Gate
  5. Indira Gandhi Museum
  6. Rajghat
  7. Nehru Museum
  8. Jantar Mantar
  9. *Aksahrdham

In this itinerary you are covering all the popular monuments and museums in Delhi and can be done in one day.

This can be easily done in one day with Delhi Tourism’s Hop On Hop Off Red+Green Bus Tour


2. Delhi Sightseeing Itinerary of a Typical International Tourist:

Our experience says that majority of the international tourists prefer to spend more time on heritage monuments than museums.

  1. Red Fort
  2. Humayun’s Tomb
  3. Qutab Minar
  4. India Gate
  5. Lotus Temple
  6. Raj Ghat
  7. National Museum
  8. Jantar Mantar
  9. *Akshardham

Here, you are covering almost all the popular heritage monuments that can be explored in one day.

Above itineraries give you enough scope to do shopping at Chandni Chowk near Red fort and Janpath near Jantar Mantar.

*Akshardham can be done after the Delhi Tour of HOHO by taking a metro to Akshardham Metro Station. It would normally take you 3 hours or more to explore it.

This can be easily done in one day with Delhi Tourism’s Hop On Hop Off Red+Green Bus Tour

Before we wrap up keep these tips handy:

  • Beware of fake tourist offices who try to dupe  by charging exorbitantly
  • Better not to opt for tour operators who stop at commissioned shops
  • Opt for GPS enabled bus services for better security
  • Beware of touts at Airport, Railway stations


Now you know which all places not to miss and how to plan your Delhi tour in one day. In case you have any further query feel free to contact HOHO customercare. Do not forget to share 🙂

Author: Surojit Ghosh